Monday, April 1, 2013

Some reviews & news!

It has been a while since I last posted here.  Been quite busy trying to promote Clancy's book Silver Eagle.  It has officially been released on 21 March but was already sold on Amazon US for a couple of weeks.
Received some great reviews thus far so I thought I would share it with you.  Here are some of the Amazon page:

Clancy Comes To Life March 1, 2013
As a member of the Band of Brothers, Clancy slipped in under the radar. For a number of years, I had the pleasure of serving as one of his aide de camps, traveling companions and gofer. Clancy was not the kind that sought out all the hoopla that goes with being a celebrity. He told me many times that he was very concerned about the telling of his famous group. It had to be truthful, and not so much Hollywood. The fact that he served in more combat arenas (one of a very few that can boast 4 stars on his Combat Wings) than most of the others, it was not until the famous book was written and he did not wish to be something that he was not. So he gave in and allowed Mr. Ambrose to include him in the "where are they now" part of the book. Clancy was a mentor to many people besides being a celebrity. For me a two time Vietnam vet and carrying the baggage of same, our coincidental meeting, brought on by my wife Peggy, who worked with him, was to be my savior.

Ronald Ooms has created a living, loving portrait of the man and the way he really was. For a first book he is to be congratulated. His was a difficult task considering he was on the other side of the pond for the most part. For those who read this review, please be assured that it is a document true and about an American Hero. Clancy has gone on to his final jump, but through this and many memories, he will be remembered. 
A wonderful read! February 26, 2013
By Connie
Clancy Lyall, the Silver Eagle, comes alive on the pages of this biography. Written in the first person by an author who knew and loved him, this volume is a wonderful addition to others that have chronicled Easy Company, 506th. PIR, 101st. Airborne Division, known to many as "The Band of Brothers". Unlike most of that group of veterans, Master Sergeant Lyall continued life in the military after WWII and remained in the US Army until 1959. Ronald Ooms, author and friend, traveled from his home in Belgium several times to visit Clancy and was privy to the warm, interesting ancedotes from Clancy's life, from both his years in the military and those afterwards. These stories reveal to the reader a compassionate, down to earth man who served his country bravely and without regret in some of its most difficult and dangerous periods. This book is well worth reading; a wonderful tribute to a member of that greatest generation who has passed from us on his final jump.  
Here is a part of an e-mail sent to me by Liz Lyall, Clancy's widow:
And here is an e-mail sent by our Publisher which comes from a reader:
I just finished reading Ronald Ooms' great book Silver Eagle.  I have been a big fan and a great admirer of the Band of Brothers.  Mr. Ooms book was Excellent and a truely great read.  I will highly recommend it to my friends.  In the forward of his book, by John Foley, he spoke about the joy and wonderful opportunity it was to sit and talk and listen to these great soldiers.  Just two weeks before I read this book I had that exact chance to sit in a warm chair, in Frank Perconte's living room and listen to his stories first had.  I took him out for lunch and it was one of my best moments ever.
If you can, could you please forward this email to Mr. Ooms.
To Mr. Ooms, thank you very much for bringing another Band of Brothers story to life.  Wish I could have met him.  Best Wishes:  M Z
Received plenty more good comments.  I thank you all sincerely.  Now, if you haven't got the book yet, get out and buy it.  Online or at any good bookstore in the US or the UK.  And spread the word!  Thank you all.
A booktour in the US will be a possibility.  Have more information on that for you soon.  So stay tuned! 

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