Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Fox Hunting Story

There's this story which was told by a friend of Clancy's a couple of years ago. If I had more details about who, where and when it was, I could have added it in the book. But I'm not sure if it really happened. I asked her about it after Clancy's passing and she said it was something he told them, she and her husband, but she did not recall the details as it was a very long time ago.
This is the story. One day our buddy Clancy was invited by someone big to go fox hunting. Clancy was wondering how long it was going to take because he hadn't eaten yet that day. They told him that after the hunt they would go and grab some lunch. So everybody was mounting on their horses and were preparing themselves for the hunt. The dogs were ready to go and chase the fox in the woods. And the fox was nervously waiting in its cage, ready to go and flee in search for his freedom. Then someone blew the horn, the start of the hunt, and they'd released the fox. 

Suddenly... BANG! A rifle shot! When the smoke cleared up there was the fox, lying dead. Then someone from behind said:”Now, lets get some lunch.” Everybody turned around and there was Clancy, with his smoking rifle in his hand.

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