Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from the USA

First of all, I had a great time with my friend Clancy and his lovely wife Liz.  Again they were the perfect hosts.  Clancy looked at the first part of the draft which was finished and gave his blessing.  With some remarks here and there ofcourse so we edited some parts.  We did a short interview about Korea to fill in a gap.  Work is back in progress and I hope to finish it all as soon as possible. 
Rest of the days there we had couple of lunches together, hang out at his place and visited mutual friends who lived nearby.  Always nice to see good friend again.

During our trip we also visited Philadelphia for the day and were welcomed in Bill Guarnere's house, courtesy of our good friend Tony.  So a special thank you to Tony and to Bill for welcoming us in his home.

About the artwork I mentioned in one of my previous posts:  Sadly the prints of James hadn't arrived when I was in Maryland and to this day they still haven't been delivered.  I hope it will work out during the next couple of days.  Will keep you guys posted on that too. 

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