Thursday, April 7, 2011

The new Clancy Lyall print, revealed!

The prints have arrived at Clancy's home in Maryland yesterday.  They will be signed by him at his place and then it will be shipped back to the UK. The first signed batch is only a small amount so keep your eye on the website of Paintpop if you want your copy.  No worries, we hope there will be more to come after the first batch.

On your left you can see how the print looks like.  Clancy is quite pleased with the outcome of this print and we hope you are too.  It depects a younger Clancy in mirrorimage in the background and the nowadays Clancy in the foreground.  Between them at the back, the churchtower, it's Saint-Amands Church in Geel, Belgium.  My hometown.  There is a famous picture of it, made during Operation Market Garden, where the C-47's carrying the 101st are flying over it.  In one of those planes, Clancy was about to make his first combat experience with Company E, the famous "Band of Brothers".

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