Monday, July 25, 2011

Another update

Been rewriting some parts the last couple of days and doing some more reading ( re: research).  I still have to do a few recordings to finish it.  So the end is near I hope.  But I'm also waiting anxiously for news from our friend Jake Powers.  He must be the hardest man to reach.  He promissed to send me a bunch of files about Clancy which can help us with the completion of the book.  But it has been some months since I last saw/heard of him.  So if any of you readers can contact Jake in our behalf, we would be very grateful.
I hoped to have finished the first draft some months ago but due to tragic circumstances that has befallen me some months ago I lost a lot of time, as many of you out there know.  And with Jake helping me out with his files ( hopefully soon) we might have something extra in our hands.  So pushing the pedal to the metal now is very important and fingers crossed.  I want to thank everyone for their support and when it's done it will go to Clancy for a read and to the publishers we are aiming for.  I also want to thank Clancy and Liz for their patience and support.  I'll be keeping everyone in the loop and check out this page soon for more information.

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