Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September update

Well, the end is near.  Working on the last few parts and my goal is to finish it later this month.  Then I will send it to Clancy for a read and after that is done ( reworking and such) it will go to the interested publishers.  Hope it will go fast.  Don't really know how long it takes but it would be great if it can be published very soon.  Many people have asked me about our project and they all told me they couldn't wait to read the story of my good friend Clancy.
Will let you gals and guys know soon how it's all going so keep an eye out for updates here.
A special thank you goes out to Joe Muccia, a great friend, who has helped me getting some more information about Clancy.  Also I would like to mention Valor Studios for sending me pictures of Clancy during their trip to the Middle East some years ago.  Thank you to them aswell.

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