Friday, August 3, 2012

Important announcement

A couple of days ago the negotiations for the release of 'Silver Eagle' with the publisher and myself have suddenly ended abruptly. As I was hoping to reach a deal soon - after they gave their word to publish Clancy's biography back in March– we were very surprised this has occurred. After four months patiently waiting for them to pen out a contract I finally received it end of June. But we, my legal advisor and myself, had some concerns about a bunch of clauses. I even asked the opinion of befriended authors and they thought the same as us: it would not be a good idea to sign the contract as is. So taken that into account aswell we directed our concerns to the publisher and they told me they would take a look at it. A month without any word went by and then I finally received a slightly changed new contract but the clauses we really were concerned about were still in there. These points of concern was an indemnification clause of which I will spare you to details. I asked some clarification about that and if they have any other authors on any insurance plan they had. And if not if they could let me know if they had a list of suggested insurance plans which would cover me if there would be an issue, which was hardly likely but it's better to be safe than sorry.
A few hours later I received a bossy message back from them stating they will not be persueing to publish Clancy's biography anymore, wished me all the best and sent me on my merry way without any feedback whatsoever. And my reply to that e-mail has not been answered since. I was gutted and very upset when this had happened.
I let it sink in for a couple of days and I'm very much disappointed still. I acted in good faith and waited for them for such a long time. Their enthousiasm during our first talks back in March and the feedback I got from their vice-president had made me stay with them in good faith. With their permission I promoted the book, which would have been released this September, this past June during the 68th anniversarry of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, France. I have been very patient with them but I feel this was a one-way street. So maybe it is for the best this deal with this particular publishing house hasn't happened.
I'm not angry with them and I don't have any hard feelings towards them. But I have to admit I'm deeply disappointed with them for keeping it dangling for such a long time and saying all will be well and then leaving no room to talk about important issues. For their sake, not mine, I will not mention their name in public. I will let this one rest, take it on the chin and take it with me as a new lesson in life.
The last couple of days have been busy as I've been talking to some people who might be of some help to get this book published. I also submitted and resubmitted the 'Silver Eagle' manuscript to some other publishers.
I want to thank the Lyall family and all of you for your continued support. This has been a big setback but I trully believe in a positive outcome.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this, Ron. I send you all my support for your project and I encourage you to finish it. If the release wont be in September, don't worry.....we will wait for it !!!
    Like said Dick Winters "Hang Tough"....It is only a small setback....

    Ibiasriver - Spain -

  2. Buddy, you did all you could, you bent over backwards, you couldnt have done anymore!! They should be ashamed for the way they have handled this !! Hang in there , you will succeed !!


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